LSAC Forum in Houston

We are looking for volunteers to provide Pre-Law advice to students attending the LSAC Forum in Houston on November 10, 2018.  SWAPLA will cover expenses, including mileage, up to $250, to SWAPLA members from schools that do not already qualify for the LSAC subsidy.

What is required?

  1. Bring a minimum of three students to the Houston Forum.
  2. Volunteer for at least two hours at the Pre-Law advising table.
  3. After the event, submit your receipts for expenses up to $250 to the SWAPLA Treasurer

Please complete both the Houston Forum Volunteer Form and the form below to receive the subsidy.  On the day of the Forum, check in at the Advising Table to confirm your attendance and number of students.

Law Fair Caravan

Subsidies are available for attendance at Law Fair Caravan sites as well – and you don’t even have to provide advice!

To be eligible, you must be a member of SWAPLA and be a prelaw advisor at an institution that does NOT hold any sort of law fair at or sponsored by your college or university or another APLA.

What is required?

  1. Organize a trip to a SWAPLA law fair site for yourself and at least five students.
  2. Contact the Law Fair Site Supervisor at the law fair you wish to attend. See for the locations and contact lists. Let site supervisor know you are coming and approximately how many students you plan to bring.
  3. Email the SWAPLA Treasurer with this information to apply for the grant.
  4. On the day of the fair, check in with the site supervisor to confirm your attendance and number of students.

Prelaw advisors who meet the above criteria and bring at least 5 students are eligible to apply for the travel grant assistance to attend one SWAPLA law fair at the following rate:

  • Minimum five students plus advisor required. SWAPLA will reimburse your actual expenses up to a maximum of $250 upon confirmation of your attendance by site supervisor.
  • For every additional student you bring, you will receive up to an additional $50 per student, up to a maximum of $350. (For example an advisor plus 6 students would be reimbursed for expenses incurred up to max of $350).

If you are interested in taking advantage of one or both of these offers, please fill out the form below. Direct any questions to Barbara Kirby at