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The purpose of the SWAPLA Pre-Law Advisors listserv is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, a venue to provide information and resources related to pre-law advising, and to foster collegiality among pre-law advisors in institutions of higher education, ABA-approved law schools, and SWAPLA Partner Organizations. The SWAPLA Pre-Law Advisors listserv is restricted to individuals employed by colleges and universities serving as pre-law advisors or law school admissions officers, or SWAPLA Partner Organizations.



  • Try to keep message constructive, courteous, and concise.
  • Subject headings should be specific. Many readers will choose to read, skim, or ignore the message based on the subject heading of the email.
  • Confidential information should NOT be discussed on the listserv. Difficult cases may be addressed so long as names and other identifying information have been changed.
  • When asking for input on a topic, consider asking others to reply privately to you, summarize their responses, and then posting the results to the list as a single useful message.
  • Be judicious in touting your own programs, books, etc.
  • The default reply setting on the listserv is to send a message to the full group. If you are responding to a specific individual only, you should change the email address in the “to” field of your reply email before sending the message.



You can join the SWAPLA Pre-Law Advisors listserv by becoming a SWAPLA Member.