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Swapla Subsidy for Planc 2012 Conference

31 Jan 2010 12:00 PM | Karen Severn (Administrator)

Fellow Pre-Law Advisor:

We are all deep into the academic year now. LSAT prep and law school applications lure our students, and classes and advising responsibilities absorb our time. In the midst of this ongoing swirl of activity, we write to communicate with you about our associations that help us all in our pre-law advising.

If you are not familiar with the Southwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors (SWAPLA), we are a professional support organization serving both faculty and staff of colleges and universities in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. We sponsor the annual caravan of law school fairs and a pre-law advisors conference with programs to share information about pre-law advising. We are one of several regional “APLAs” across the nation; these APLAS, in turn, come together with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) to form the Pre-Law Advisors National Council (PLANC). SWAPLA not only has delegates on PLANC, but several SWAPLA members also serve in leadership positions in PLANC. Every fourth yearundefinedevery presidential election yearundefinedPLANC hosts a national conference for pre-law advisors, instead of the annual regional APLA conferences. Thus, this year, we SWAPLA-area pre-law advisors are invited to the national PLANC conference, which will be held in Washington, D.C.

We write to invite your membership and participation in SWAPLA and your attendance at the PLANC convention. Please visit for information about registration, program, hotel, and costs. As usual, the earlier you register, the more likely you will get the conference hotel rate and be able to research travel options.

PLANC conference costs include the registration fee (which already includes annual SWAPLA dues!), hotel, food, travel. Because we are determined to have a strong SWAPLA presence in Washington, we want to make you aware of subsidy options. If you are at a HACU or HBCU school, the LSAC may have a subsidy available. If you are not eligible for the LSAC subsidy, the SWAPLA board has decided to offer a subsidy of $400 to the first 25 SWAPLA registrants who submit their completed registration materials to us and who then attend the conference and the annual SWAPLA meeting that is held the last day of the conference. Finally, PLANC hopes to have a limited number of scholarships.

We have found the annual SWAPLA conferences and the quadrennial PLANC conference to be a very valuable experience in helping us learn and apply best practices with our pre-law students. Please consider joining your fellow SWAPLA pre-law advisors at the national conference.

Sincerely yours,

Ana Alvarez                                 Gary A. Keith                            Sandy Self, J.D.

Ana Alvarez                                        Gary A. Keith                                      Sandy Self, J.D.

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